Here are some topic ideas for people to start talking about with us!

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Here are some topic ideas for people to start talking about with us!

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 25, 2015 1:24 pm

Masters of the Journey Survey:

What is of highest interest for YOU? What would want Masters of the Journey to offer to create the best chance for YOU to participate in our group (as a member?)

Rank 1-12 EACH item with your highest valued activity at “1” and your least favorite rated at “12”. We will tally these ballots with the “Lowest” totals as most attractive to our survey population.

Thank you in advance for your time and your careful consideration!

List is in no specific order. What values does Masters of the Journey need to have to hold Your interest?

______ 1. Fun, Playful, Curiosity (provoking)

______ 2. A Safe Place where people can be Authentic

______ 3. A Deeper Connection/Community that offers Service (including Mentorship projects)

______ 4. Efficient (clear and not wasteful)

______ 5. Diversity of people and ideas and backgrounds

______ 6. Open, Empathetic, Accepting, and with Infinite Possibilities

______ 7. Spiritual, Metaphysical, Consciousness Where we are ALL divine

______ 8. Clarity of Purpose with Flexibility to Evolve

______ 9. An Experience to Learn New Things

______ 10. “Juicy”

______ 11. No Rules (other than mutual respect)

______ 12. Consistent, Positive Momentum



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